My name is Daniel Kinder, middle name Thomas. 28 years of age and in 2017 I decided to move to the big smoke that is London. I’m a motivated, driven digital media & content creator with ten years experience. Confident, tenacious with a proven track record for excelling in marketing campaigns executed to a high level of impact. Always on task with an ability to identify key marketing strategies and implement skills such as graphic design, video editing & social media know how. An excellent communicator and leader with an emphasis on utilising the strengths of the team around me and creating forward-thinking ideas driven by business needs, sales targets and innovative solutions.

At the age of 15 I knew I wanted to do something creative, fun and risky, I wasn’t going to cut it in retail, stacking shelves and I wasn’t disciplined enough to take orders in an office job. At first, I wanted to be a radio presenter, I wanted to entertain. I heard this guy on Kiss 100fm, London who was different, he went by the name of BamBam and he broke rules and delivered radio that was cutting edge, shock factor was insane. I may have been young but I learned straight away if you want to be great work hard but if you want to be exceptional you have to take risks. I started making jingles and radio imaging for pirate radio stations but a break in radio was taking to long hey I was 15, eager and impatient. Eventually, I made a contact in club DJ’ing and started to take an interest in club DJ’ing. back then DJ’s starting out had to work on the street handing out flyers & touting for business in return they get the last hour to get experience but I quickly realised all the people handing out flyers they didn’t want to do that they want to be in the club DJ’ing so they were awful at it. I decided to leave DJ’ing and keep to promotions I knew if I worked hard I would stand out as no one else did back then.

I moved around and found my self working for JSM Team Ltd which owned one after-hours nightclub which people only went to because it was the last place open, til 7am! The owners of the club put up with me and listened to me ramble on about my ideas and once in a while they would try some of the ideas til’ I become the promotions manager. I helped this company grow from 1 after-hours nightclub to 15 bars, nightclubs, restaurants.

I learnt alot, I pissed alot of people off and I couldn’t go any further in the company. Nor could I go any further with any other company the only thing left to do was to put my own cash into events, and I wasn’t keen on that so looking for a new challenge I had the contacts and the means to make it happen, I become a club DJ. I learned two of the most important things I’ve ever learned through DJ’ing. 1, the reason people go to the places they go and 2, how to read people. People can work in hospitality for 20, 30, 40 years and still never truly understand them 2 key things.